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UFC is widely regarded as the world’s most eminent MMA organization.  Since 1993, UFC has attracted millions of fans globally, promoting its fights with world-renowned superstars.  However, the UFC brand goes well beyond the Octagon.  Their gyms are state-of-the-art and a fitness lover’s dream. It’s a gym literally built to train different.

Gym franchises continue to grow, attracting more members and the music is vital in ensuring guests get the most out of their time commitment.  Without consistency in the delivery, the overall workout experience can be compromised, but the right energy mix keeps members pumped and motivated to maintain a solid pace.

After partnering years ago, RX Music decided the best way to build the UFC Gym music program was to go beyond just a single “mix”. What’s playing needs to be more than just music – it’s a means to keep members stimulated. We needed to engage more than just the music lover, but rather the fitness lover.  What makes you want to move? What gets the electricity going through your body? With this in mind, we developed a unique program consisting of over a dozen mixes, mirroring the length of a Group Class. Each of these mixes are precisely arranged to maintain a high energy from beginning to end.

The overall UFC music program features different styles in order to cover all conventional routines, both those offered by the franchises and those guests do on their own. As a gym goer, signing up with a distinguished brand like UFC only heightens aspirations for success – the targeted intensity of our bespoke music program is most operative in this.

After a three-month period of in-depth on-site analysis, we’ve proven a formulaic approach to music effective in setting the bar for a great workout. Members are satiated and more galvanized, thus showing longer workouts and greater results. Franchisees have also been happier with the wider selection of appropriately tailored music.

Beyond music curation, our Technical Support is also a major spoke on the wheel, working directly with the gyms. The knowledge and understanding of a seasoned team has translated well, ensuring a happy partner.  We walked through practical and convenient options for general managers to manage their music programs.  For example, playlists can be adjusted on the fly based, from a mobile phone, to suit whatever is trending in the space, be it classes or general workout blocks, offering real-time flexibility and adaptability to the needs of the gym and its members.

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UFC - Custom Music for Gyms