Music for retail stores & malls

Instituting a fitting in-store music formula for the Rural customer.

Rural King is known as America’s Farm and Home Department Store. Their locations scatter the U.S. in states like Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee, to name a few. The chain is focused on servicing the rural lifestyle, priding themselves on customer satisfaction and low pricing. Rural King partnered up with us in early 2018 to help establish a sound that would not only enhance the customer experience, but also be enjoyable for their staff while also avoiding repetition throughout each venue.


Following a meeting between our dedicated Music Consultant and their marketing team, a playlist of both classic and contemporary Southern favorites was instituted, complementing the aura of Rural King and its regulars. In addition to a fresh music program, we’ve also facilitated overhead announcements in-store, with varying spots running in different shops, highlighting exclusive promotions, even tailoring unique messaging to a specific location.

The overall assessment is that customers and staff are enjoying the ambiance, leading to a comfortable and memorable shopping experience at their local Rural King store.

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