Music for restaurants & bars

Moxie’s Grill & Bar prides itself on being Canada’s absolute best casual dining restaurant. Following the mantra of being passionate about their food as well as their guests, they’ve created a premium casual dining experience across their 60 locations from coast to coast. Focusing on exceptional food and drink quality does not mean that Moxie’s also does not pride itself in the overall experience of their guests. While maintaining excellent dollar-value, Moxie’s is meticulously designed to provide their guests with a variety of delicious and inspired food selections.

As Moxie’s looked to further hone in on what their brand sounds like, they partnered with RX Music to work with their experienced team to reflect this premium casual atmosphere into their sonic space.

Every Moxie’s consists of a Dining Room and Lounge. The Dining Room tends to be closer to a traditional restaurant fare – Rock, Pop, R&B, but very much reliant on an Adult Contemporary vibe, something that remains family-friendly. The lounge however is pretty open to taking risks – this is where both sides really try to spread their wings and try something different. One of the edicts that we operate on, when it comes to the lounges, is that, “if we’re afraid of making mistakes, we’re not getting it right.” This opens the door to other types of music that you may not hear anywhere else. As long as the music is good, and creates the right vibe, we and they are happy. This attitude has proven to reflect positively on Moxie’s as a whole.

In addition, day-parting is a very popular strategy where a lot of venues require specific lists scheduled to play at certain times of day. Moxie’s is more open to trying something from, for instance, their Happy Hour program in the Morning or at Night, due to the success it already has in their space.

Ultimately, the music program is very cutting edge and really reflects positively on the restaurants, resulting in a greater customer experience.