Music for restaurants & bars

Taking things beyond your standard music programming.

A live music experience is a crucial way for an artist to bond with their fans. It’s where memories are made and friendships are fashioned. A great live performer can prompt emotion from the crowd and have them forget about the rest of the world for that short period of time.

Now a hot spot in Arlington Heights, Hey Nonny will welcome thousands of locals and tourists to take in their unique Live Music Experience Room, a cohort to their second Gastropub Room.

They recently  united with RX Music, coinciding with their grand opening, to create a sound that would dictate how their  customers discover new music, as well as providing a complementary feature to their live performances. The playlists are themed to mesh with select times of the week and strategically feature Alternative, Americana, Indie Rock, Folk, Bluegrass and Jazz.


In addition to their regular programming, we’ve instituted a key feature of our service utilizing our Special Event Programming functionality. To balance the performances, we’ve created separate lists relating to each upcoming artist. Deliberately scheduled to augment regular programming, they are rotated every 4th song, starting several days before a scheduled performance to help build anticipation for fans and newcomers alike.

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