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Have you been to a Firkin Pub lately?  Firkin Pubs are undergoing a transformation to create a new breed of British Pub.  With six locations already open with this new concept, and more on the way, it won’t be long before we’re back to the days of the sun never setting on the British Empire!

The British Invasion currently on at selected Firkin Pubs has been complete – with no detail spared. (They even have their own Anthem) The Décor and Menu aren’t reminiscent of the UK; they’re FROM the UK.  With ‘The Queen’s Favourite’ items such as a Stuffed Yorkie, Pot Roast Sandwich, Bangers & Beans, Chef’s Chicken Curry, Steak & Chips and Sticky Toffee Pudding, there’s nothing common about the wealth of tasty British meals to choose from.

The Beer list at a Firkin Pub is second to none.  With a wide variety of Canadian, British, German, Scottish, Irish and American brews, you’ll easily find the right Pale Ale, Stout, Pilsner or Lager for you. Firkin Pubs have all made significant investments to improve their draught system chain wide to guarantee you the perfect pour every time and, as such, you’ll find the Seal of Certification on the front door of each of the Firkin pubs.

The final ingredient to create the cool Britannia has been provided by RX Music.  From the days of the first explosion of British bands, enjoy the sounds of Dusty Springfield, The Kinks, or the Hollies.  Journey through the late 60’s with the psychedelic blues power of Led Zeppelin, The Who, or Cream.  Let Elton John, Bowie, and Queen give you all the British Glam Rock you can handle.   Proving the invasion never really ended are artists like Coldplay, Radiohead, Amy Winehouse, and Adele.  And of course, leaving the pretenders behind after 50 years of exporting British Rock: The Rolling Stones.   Combining all those British legends and newcomers with just the right amount of Contemporary Hits from England, America and beyond, RX Music has created the perfect Customized Music Program for a British Pub, right here at home.

If you’re tired of Pubs that claim to be one thing or another, but don’t deliver the authenticity, then come and check out one of the newly made over Firkin Pubs.  Whether it’s Satisfaction or Anarchy in the UK you’re seeking, with Firkin Pubs and RX Music working together, your search has ended.


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