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Some people prefer the finer things in life.  Some people just want a cold Bier.  For the people who want both, this corner recommends heading to the Bier Markt.

With four locations serving the GTA (King West, Esplanade, Don Mills and Queensway), the Bier Markt is the perfect destination for great biers, great food and great music.  The Bier Markt has combined sociability with sophistication on all three fronts.  With over 150 brands of Bier from over 30 different countries, and a “from scratch” approach to a unique Belgian Brasserie Menu, you can always find the perfect pairing.  And now, RX Music has partnered with the Bier Markt to provide the Customized Music Programming  that completes the trifecta

As the chefs and brewmasters have combined all the right ingredients respectively, so, too, has RX Music.  We’ve started with a base of Rock, both classic and contemporary, mixed in all the right Current Hits to take you through the day, and topped it off with all the High-Energy Party tunes you can handle at night.  And just as the Bier Markt’s menu is always reflecting the latest in culinary trends, as well as, representing the classics, RX Music provides the same blend on the music side of things.

In the atmosphere The Bier Markt has created with RX Music, you can have a familiar yet different experience with each visit.  Stop by soon to see, taste, and hear what you’ve been missing!



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